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Four MPart Mirages line up for Rally Sweden 

12th February 2018

Swedish manufacturer of the R5 specification Mitsubishi Mirage MPart AB, is pleased to confirm that four of its cars will line up in Karlstad for the start of the forthcoming Rally Sweden, round two of the FIA World Rally Championship and the only winter rally in the calendar. 

The event takes place from 15th - 18th February and will mark the first time these cars built just 100kms away in Örebro, have taken part in their home WRC event.

The MPart Mirages will run in the National 4 Class, which is a category for nationally homologated cars in Sweden that encompasses cars built to FIA specifications but where they’re global homologation has lapsed or they are yet to be homologated. 

The four Mitsubishi Mirage crews entered are all from Sweden:

#97     Robert Blomberg (Trollhättan)/Lars Andersson (Trollhättan)
#98     Joachim Carlström (Rockneby)/Jörgen Norman (Torsås)           
#99     Anders Karlsson (Säffle)/Björn Nilsson (Karlstad)
#100   Sune Larsson (Hörby)/Håkan Oddshammar (Lund)

Designer of the R5 specification Mirage and owner of MPart AB Tomas Weng said:  “It’s great to see four of our cars taking part on our home round of the WRC. It means a lot to us as a business and it will be interesting to see how the cars perform. Living where we do, our cars have covered a considerable number of miles in winter conditions, so we’re expecting that the Mirages will prove to be reliable and competitive.”  

The event starts on Thursday evening in Karlstad, with the now traditional super-special spectator stage at the trotting track.  The route then heads north and into the forests for Friday’s seven stages, with four in Norway, two that cross-cross the border and the other at Torsby that finishes right next to the service area.

A further eight stages - all in Sweden - are scheduled for Saturday, the day concluding with another visit to the Karlstad trotting track and a Sprint stage at Torsby. Sunday - the final day - comprises three stages, with a grand finale that features the Power Stage and finish ceremony at Torsby service park.

Follow the progress of the four MPart Mitsubishi Mirages throughout the event on social media:

Facebook: @MitsubishiR5Official
Twitter: @MitsubishiR5


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