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Mitsubishi's involvement with rallying is legendary. Its success at national and international level over a period of more than two decades, coupled with the development of the Lancer Evolution, has inspired drivers and teams all over the world to compete using a Mitsubishi.

One such operation to be inspired by the Mitsubishi revolution is Mpart AB, based in Örebro, Sweden. Under the direction of its owner - highly skilled engineer Tomas Weng - the company has become Scandinavia's leading source for Mitsubishi rally cars, parts, advice and expertise.

Between 2008 and 2012 Mpart, together with UK motorsport PR consultant Simon Slade of RPM Promotions, introduced the Evolution Challenge - one of the most successful single-make rally championships ever created – into Sweden. This innovative series for Group N Lancer Evolutions was also held in the UK for 10-years and in Ireland for three.

Following the conclusion of the Evolution Challenge in 2012 and the cessation of production of the Lancer Evolution, the level of activity in classes N4 and R4 regionally and internationally reduced and it is the emerging R5 category that now attracts the attention of drivers and teams.

With Mitsubishi unable to offer it's brand-loyal customers a replacement for the Evolution, Tomas Weng looked at the possibly of creating an R5 specification car from the Mirage/Space Star model. After nearly two years of design, development and investment, the R5 specification car was born.

Since it was first publicised, the interest in the car has been overwhelming, with drivers, teams, media and the public from all over the world following its progress.

But the R5 specification car is just the starting point. It is designed to be a test bed for chassis, suspension and transmission technology. Once established, the next phase will be to create a less restricted R5 specification model and alternative-powered versions of the car. 

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