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The R5 specification Mitsubishi features a 1620cc engine based on the Mitsubishi 4B11 engine from the Evolution X. It is connected to a five-speed Sadev transmission and four-wheel-drive system of the type homologated for use in the R5 category and fitted to all other R5 rally cars.

The car is with MacPherson suspension all round, mated to specially designed subframes and Öhlins dampers. The car is entirely built to FIA R5 Class specification.

Whilst it is difficult at this stage to make performance comparisons to R5 cars produced by other manufacturers, the specification of the Mitsubishi compares favourably in all areas.

4-cyl, 16v, transverse 1620cc.
Garrett turbo with 32mm restrictor
Gems ECU

280 hp (approx) @ 7500rpm
450 Nm (approx) @ 7500rpm

Sadev 5-speed sequential
Mechanical diff front & rear with AP coupling

MacPherson strut, all-round
Öhlins dampers
Docal subframes

AP 4-pot front & rear
Ventilated disks: asphalt 355mm / Gravel & Snow 300mm

Asphalt: 18 x 8'' / Gravel: 15 x 7" / Snow: 16 x 5"

Length: 3740mm
Width: 1820mm
Height: 1490mm (depending on set up)
Wheelbase: 2470mm
Weight: 1230kgs (min)

Specifications subject to change