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June 2017

Career opportunities in the motorsport industry.
It’s an exciting time for Mpart AB as it expands to cope with rapidly increasing customer demand. The company is therefore looking to recruit a number of skilled and motivated staff to fill a variety of positions in its busy motorsport workshops.

Fabricator (x1)
Tasks: Welding and fabrication of bodyshells. Production of top quality, high-strength steel parts.
Requirements: Experience of Mig and Tig welding, working with black and stainless sheet metal.

Assembly Engineer (x3)
Tasks: Building and assembly of competition cars, preparation, repair development and on-event servicing.
Requirements: Mechanical and engineering experience, coupled with a genuine interest in motorsport. Accuracy and attention to detail is a must.

Inventory Manager (x1)
Tasks: The management and control of stock. Logistical movement of parts all over the world, to include shipping and customs clearance.
Requirements: Must have extensive experience in international cargo handling. Knowledge of the Monitor Business System will be an advantage.

Workshop Supervisor (x1)
Tasks: Responsible for production control and daily operations within the factory, using the Monitor Business System.
Requirements: Must have previous management experience, be able to prioritise jobs and be able to work under pressure.  Knowledge of the Monitor Business System will be an advantage.

Construction Engineer (x1)
Tasks: To design and simulate components on CAD systems, through to prototyping, development, manufacture, installation and testing.
Requirements: Must have a sound mechanical engineering background, together with knowledge of Solidworks Professional and Simulation Professional programmes.

Electrical Engineer (x1)
Tasks: To design and assemble cable looms for competition cars to military and aerospace standards.
Requirements: Must have extensive knowledge of electrical systems and electronics, coupled with experience in assembling cable looms – preferably from the aerospace industry. Accuracy and attention to detail is a must.

To apply for one of these vacancies, please forward your CV to:
For further information, please contact us:
+46 19 672 16 00
Mpart AB, Berglundavägen 3, 702 36, Örebro, Sweden