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Spencer Sport reveals forthcoming plans and price for R5 specification Mitsubishi

29th October 2015

Following the recent announcement that south-west Wales based Spencer Sport will be the official distributors of the R5 specification Mitsubishi in the UK and Ireland, the company is pleased to announce it’s immediate plans and confirm the price of the car.

The next competitive outing for the R5 specification Mitsubishi will be the Wales Rally GB National Rally, when two Spencer Sport-run cars will take part. Jamie Jukes will enter a right-hand-drive version - the Mitsubishi currently the only R5 specification car that’s available in this configuration – whilst Swedish driver Martin Berglund will make his return to the north Wales forests following the Cambrian Rally.

Spencer Sport is pleased to confirm that the price of a base car will be £130,000 + VAT. This figure is applicable to British and Irish residents only and applies to a car supplied in either gravel or asphalt specification. Spare parts will also be available at very competitive prices in comparison with similar specification cars. Consequently, it is expected that the cost of running a R5 specification Mitsubishi will be considerably less than that of a Group N4 or R4 car, as well as historic and clubman cars.

“The R5 specification Mitsubishi has been designed to appeal to teams and drivers who are currently competing using an N4, R4 or national specification car – both modern and historic - and want to change to something more contemporary and competitive without spending a lot more money”, explains Spencer Sport’s Charlie Jukes. “With this in mind, the Mitsubishi is offered at a price that’s significantly less than that of its rivals to purchase. Added to this, it will cost less to run and therefore, we believe it will appeal to a different group of customers to that of other R5 cars.”

Although the price is competitive, Spencer Sport is keen to point out there is no compromise on the quality of the components or within the manufacturing process. Also, after carrying out 1000s of kilometers of testing at competitive speeds, the team is pleased to report that components have shown exceptionally low rates of wear, in particular tyres and other consumable items.

“By using OE Mitsubishi parts wherever possible and carrying out the assembly in a specially built facility, means the cars can be produced in an efficient and carefully controlled way”, said Tomas Weng, the Swedish designer and engineer behind the project. “The R5 specification Mitsubishi has been created to give customers that thought a latest-generation car was beyond their budget a chance to now own one. That’s why the car and parts are available at comparatively low prices.” 

Following the announcement of Spencer Sport’s involvement with the R5 specification Mitsubishi a couple of weeks ago, the company has been delighted with the level of interest shown and the number of sales enquires received. It will make a further announcement regarding the homologation and eligibility of the R5 specification Mitsubishi for the UK and Irish markets in the next few weeks.